It was a great blessing to host 3 moms and 8 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 10 years. Many volunteers commented that this group was very special in that the children were well mannered, polite and wanting to help. It was also unique because they had a “snow day” where they could sleep longer, play in the snow, bake cookies and play many games.

A big thank you to Stu Conway for going above and beyond and spending the night and day with us and to David Brownlee not only for setting up our “home,” but checking on us during the snowstorm. Our other faithful church members who participated, as well as new members who joined us for the first time, were Joy Schmitt, Ruth Bashe, Evelyn Gruening, Maureen Paterson, Sally Warman, Estrid Jones, Hal Slapin, Bobbi and Mike Rountree, Carol and Rich- ard Skidmore, Betty Hahn, Sue Frantz, Maggie and Mike Skow, Jill and Tom Brown, James Crainey, Tom Eicher, Loren Alexis, Suzanne Van Loon, Brigid and Charlotte McGuire, Michelle Ortega and Rudy Hyzer & the Boy Scouts, who readily helped unload and reload the beds.

A big thank you also goes to Dennis Jones for his understanding when the police were called to investigate unknown noises upstairs, as he was thought to be the culprit; however, the noise was heard before he arrived and since he sent the officers away, he put on his old police “hat,” and discovered the noise had actually been from someone shaking the locked door.

Our guests were very appreciative of the generosity of time and talents we provided, as well as a feeling of being safe. Grateful thanks to all. We are always in need of volunteers, so if you want a gratifying, heart-warming experience, please sign up online or contact Joan Eichhorn 908 350 3110.

Thanks be to God for His goodness & grace. Our next hosting week begins Easter Sunday at 5:30 p.m. (April 16th- 23rd).