In response to the recent wild-fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

in the fire-ravaged forest,
in the smoke filled valley,
in the pounding rains
in the howling wind,
in the trembling earth
in the rubble filled street,
You are there.

in the flooded ruin,
in the water logged pile,
in the scorched earth,
in the smoldering dirt,
in the jumbled buildings,
in the gaping holes,
You are there.

When all is lost,
and hope is gone,
when dreams are dashed,
the future bleak,
when fear is strong
grief overwhelms,
You are there.

Help us rise Lord,
from the ashes,
from the devastation,
from the flattened land.

Help us rise Lord,
in your comfort,
in your grace,
in your mercy
in your love.