Thank you to those who helped serve our guest and her beautiful 7 month old daughter. Volunteers included Carol & Richard Skidmore, Pam Meyers, Betty Mills, Maureen Paterson, Dolly & Steve Tharp, Betsy & Chuck Miller, Karen & Ken Skoglund, Julie & Stu Conway, Beth & Bill Adams, Betty Hahn, Tom & Jill Brown, Sally Warman, Estrid Jones, Rob Brown & Ellen Greenhorn. A special thank you to David Brownlee for creating our “home”, and always being available, as well as the Boy Scouts who graciously carry the beds and luggage up and down the stairs. Thank you all for your faithful support. Our guests will be return-ing on Jan. 28, 2018 through Feb 11th. Please note this is a two week stay. Many volunteers are needed and sign ups can be done now online. If you want a gratifying, heart-warming experience please support this wonderful mission.

For more information, contact Joan Eichhorn 908 350 3110.