We did it! We made it through two continuous weeks of serving our IHN guests. Thank you to all of you who helped to make our IHN program a success. Heartfelt thanks go to: Anne Gaus, Janet & Mark Bentley, the Horner family (Lee, Michelle, Kylee & Kelsey), Sonja Ryan (from Bishop Janes), Vanessa Castillo & Mary Ann Wisecup (Joan’s friends), Michelle Ortega & her mom Diane Rinaldi, Bobbi & Mike Rountree, Betsy & Chuck Miller, Sue Brewer, Dolly Tharp, Laura Govan, Jill Brown, Betty Mills, Betty Hahn, Ruth Bashe, Pam Meyers, Nancy Deutsch, Allison Fahey, Ellen Greenhorn & Rob Brown, Hal & Jann Slapin, Julie & Stu Conway, Emma & Loren Alexis, the Rijksen family (Will, Courtney, Isabelle and their friend Jonathan), Evelyn Gruening, George & Ronna Storm, Maureen Paterson, Dennis Jones, Peter Ward, Carol & Richard Skidmore, David Brownlee & Rudy Hyzer & the Boy Scouts.

Thank you all for your support and service. We are always in need of volunteers, so if you want a gratifying, heart-warming experience please sign up online or contact Joan Eichhorn—908 350 3110. Thanks be to God for His goodness & grace, and for us who are able to help those in need.

Our next Hosting week is April 15 to 22.