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    Historical Focus for October: Worship and Music

    by Charles King

    We have little knowledge of exactly how the Scottish Presbyterian settlers who founded our church originally worshipped, but they likely brought with them the Reformed Protestant practices of the Church of Scotland.  A key principle Presbyterians share with other Protestant traditions is the centrality of preaching, and our official church history relates the power of […]

    From the Trustees: Preparing for the Future – A Historic Preservation Plan

    by Bill Emmitt

    Our September History Highlight centers on the continuous need for our leaders to envision and prepare the way for the many generations to come.  It is timely then that Session has recently approved the Trustees recommendation to engage the firm of Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects to create a plan detailing how best to care […]

    Fall Sermon Series, “Sharing God’s Love for ANOTHER 300 Years”

    by Gary Ingram

    On September 10 — Fall Kick-off Sunday — Reverend Dennis Jones will launch our fall sermon series: Sharing God’s Love for ANOTHER 300 Years. Each weekend in worship we will reflect together on an essential spiritual lesson God wants to teach us as we lean into the future and continue to share God’s love with […]

    New Ministry! Guardian Angel Ministry to Support our College-Aged Youth

    by Cathi Reckenbeil

    We are starting a Guardian Angel Ministry to continue relationships with and offer support to our college-aged folks. Each young adult is linked with an individual, family or group from the church who becomes that person’s angel for the school year. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Angel, or you are a parent […]

    300th Anniversary Focus for September: Preparing for the Future

    by Jon Klippel

    Over the course of this year of celebration there have been many opportunities to reflect upon the rich and multifaceted history of our church and our community. In the past 300 years, this congregation has experienced challenges and opportunities ranging from unanticipated and extraordinarily positive and negative events that have required careful and prompt responses […]

    Session Highlights — August 2017

    by Tina Bramel

    The Trustees joyously announced to Session members that approximately $33,450.00 was collected for the 300th Birthday Special Offering Fund.  Trustees made a motion to Session requesting that $17,750.00 be allocated from this fund to hire a historic specialist to perform a condition assessment and historic preservation plan for our campus.  Session voted in favor of […]

    Lemonade Servers Needed

    by Gary Ingram

    We are serving Lemonade in Westminster Hall after each Sunday Summer Service through July and August. Please consider volunteering to host a Sunday and share this hospitality with other Sunday worshippers. To volunteer, or if you have questions, please contact Jean Wadsworth, 908-766-0620 or send an email to jeansdonj@aol.com.