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    Weekly Reflection: You Know Me Lord

    by Maureen Paterson

    You know me Lord. My faults and failings, hopes and dreams, worries and concerns. You know me Lord, My past regrets and future fears, my present need. You know me Lord, no thought is hidden, no action unnoticed, no desire unseen. You know me Lord, more than I wish, so I try to hide, run […]

    Weekly Reflection: Freely You Have Received

    by Maureen Paterson

    Lord, you call to us, to send us out in your name. Your voice stirs our hearts, yet our mind stops us, calling us instead, to plan, prepare, strategize, be sure. We forget you are the one who parts the sea, calms the storm, sends manna from heaven, water from a stone. Lord, you call […]

    Weekly Reflection: Pentecost

    by Maureen Paterson

    In the voice, still and small to calm and call, You come. In the storm and earthquake to wake and shake, You come. Tongues of flame fierce and bright hearts to ignite, You come. Making known your power and grace. inviting awe inspiring praise, You come. Let us open wide the doors of our hearts. […]

    Weekly Reflection: Worries

    by Maureen Paterson

    In the quiet of the night, the anxieties of our lives, loom large. Casting shadows of fear, worry, despair, chasing away the peace and rest of sleep. The daily struggles become nightly torments, a never-ending film played in our mind’s eye. The ‘what ifs’ of life gain power and control, drowning out the peace and […]

    Weekly Reflection: Abide in Me

    by Maureen Paterson

    Distracted by sounds and sights, overwhelmed by demands and worries, tempted by desires and wants, we bear the fruit of our own lives. Fruits of jealousy, pride, selfishness. Seeking approval from a world far removed from You, we stumble and fall. Find ourselves, uprooted, alone, humbled. Lost in our own world, withering without your presence. […]

    Weekly Reflection: Living Stones

    by Maureen Paterson

    Stones, thrown at one another in anger and fear. Hurled with bitterness and disgust, creating an avalanche of hurt, pain and brokenness. Burying others with shame, self-doubt, and insecurity. Stones, of judgement, prejudice, and hatred, stacked up. Creating a wall of injustice, division and intolerance. Stones, of regret, crippling, paralyzing, weighing us down. Yet, you […]

    Weekly Reflection: Open Our Eyes

    by Maureen Paterson

    Open our eyes Lord, to your presence among us. Open our eyes Lord, to your risen power within us. Open our eyes Lord, to your glory around us. May we recognize you in the faces of strangers, enemies, friends. May we embrace you, by welcoming the outcast, the lonely, the poor. May we walk with […]

    Lent 2017 at BRPC — Encounters with Jesus

    by Rev. Dennis Jones

    This year, during Lent, we will meet the people who met Jesus. We will learn from their joys and their struggles, from what they discovered and from what they totally missed. In the midst of that we will open our own hearts and minds to the transformative encounters that our Lord yearns to have with […]

    Weekly Reflection: Remake Us, Lord

    by Maureen Paterson

      In the beginning, we were, whole, holy, good. But we wanted more. More power, more knowledge, to be more like you. We still want more. A war-zone of mind and heart, steals peace from our lives. Conflicting emotions, and dueling desires fuel our seismic struggles. Remove from us our vengeful, shameful, hurtful longings. Free […]

    Weekly Reflection: Shine Your Light

    by Maureen Paterson

    You call us, Lord, to shine our light. To pierce the darkness; to step out from the shadows; to light the way. But, Lord, we prefer to hide, to ignore, to forget. We want your light to shine in our lives, to chase away our fears, our sorrows, our regrets. But, Lord, we prefer to […]