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    Lent 2017 at BRPC — Encounters with Jesus

    by Rev. Dennis Jones

    This year, during Lent, we will meet the people who met Jesus. We will learn from their joys and their struggles, from what they discovered and from what they totally missed. In the midst of that we will open our own hearts and minds to the transformative encounters that our Lord yearns to have with […]

    Weekly Reflection: Remake Us, Lord

    by Maureen Paterson

      In the beginning, we were, whole, holy, good. But we wanted more. More power, more knowledge, to be more like you. We still want more. A war-zone of mind and heart, steals peace from our lives. Conflicting emotions, and dueling desires fuel our seismic struggles. Remove from us our vengeful, shameful, hurtful longings. Free […]

    Weekly Reflection: Shine Your Light

    by Maureen Paterson

    You call us, Lord, to shine our light. To pierce the darkness; to step out from the shadows; to light the way. But, Lord, we prefer to hide, to ignore, to forget. We want your light to shine in our lives, to chase away our fears, our sorrows, our regrets. But, Lord, we prefer to […]

    Weekly Reflection: Our Love / God’s Love

    by Maureen Paterson

    Love, our love; a love of red hearts and candy; a love of fleeting choice and desire; a love of broken promises and dashed hopes. Love, our love; a litany of apologies and forgiveness; hurts and healing; second chances and new tomorrows. Love, our love; often so inadequate, so inept, so inconsistent. Your love, Lord. […]

    Weekly Reflection: Come and See

    by Maureen Paterson

    Come and See You say. Come and See where I am staying. Come and See, where I live. You invite us, to come, to enter, to join, to see. Come and See. You call us to see your presence in the face of others. You call us to meet You in the needs of the […]

    Weekly Reflection: You Name Me Beloved

    by Maureen Paterson

    You call me your child, your Son, your daughter, your beloved. You give me your blessing, your love, your acceptance. You name me beloved. Yet I hear the names the world gives. I wear the name fear, regret, shame, failure. My own voice speaks words of condemnation and judgement, Naming myself not good enough. Declaring […]

    Weekly Reflection: Beautiful Feet Bring Good News

    by Maureen Paterson

    Oh how we long for beautiful feet. A word of good news amidst the never ending bad. A proclamation of peace, in the face of division and fear. A shout of joy louder than the din of complaint. A song of salvation, rising above the lament of doom. Oh how we long, for beautiful feet, […]

    Born in Us.

    by Maureen Paterson

      A baby’s cry piercing the darkness of the night. Hallelujah’s high above the hillside. Great joy revealed at an unlikely time, in an unlikely place, to unlikely people. A Savior born. Born to us, for us in us.   A broken spirit, restored by touch. Blind eyes opened, silent mouths bursting into praise. Great […]

    Fear Not – Matthew 1:18-25

    by Maureen Paterson

    Fear not, nothing is impossible with God. Angel pronouncement, miraculous conception, scandal averted, manger borrowed, dreams realized. Fear not, nothing is impossible with God. Promises fulfilled, hope secured, trust established, future manifested, dreams realized. Fear not, nothing is impossible with God. And so today, let us fear not; let us believe, trust, hope that nothing […]

    Weekly Reflection: Desert Longings

    by Maureen Paterson

    God of sound and silence, of light and darkness, of purpose and meaning. Bring your power and might into our lives. Speak your word of presence into the silent loneliness of our days. Shine your light of hope into the dark, solitude of our hearts. Breathe your word of intention into the empty, void of […]