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    300th Anniversary Monthly Focus for April: Our Historic Oak Tree

    by Gary Ingram

    The life of our Great White Oak Tree has spanned some 600 years, first sprouting from an acorn around 1400. It was already a mature 300 years old when the founders of our church decided that alongside the oak was a perfect place to build the log cabin which would serve as the first house […]

    Mission Spotlight for March: Good News Home for Women, Flemington NJ

    by Gary Ingram

    The mission of the Good News Home is to provide a comprehensive long and short-term residential substance abuse treatment program that offers a professional, non-denominational, Christian approach, focusing on healing the total woman utilizing Christian 12-steps, addiction counseling, life skills and spiritual counseling to overcome drug addiction, with integrated treatment for clients who have been […]

    300th Anniversary Monthly Focus: Women’s Ministry—Women in the Church

    by Kris Emmitt

    Mention of women in our early history was limited, although we have a few interesting stories of special women of the time. On December 13, 1776 Basking Ridge became the center of attention in our War of Independence as General Charles Lee, second in command under George Washington, was arrested by the British at the […]

    300th Anniversary Monthly Focus: The Samuel Brown Society

    by Gary Ingram

    Planned Giving:┬áTHE SAMUEL BROWN SOCIETY The spirit of giving has been a foundation of our church from its very beginning. Over the years, we have gratefully given to fund the spiritual nourishment of our congregation, to give to the mission of helping others in communities around the world and to help secure to future generations […]