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    Updates from the Stewardship Campaign

    by Martin vandenHerik

    We are Grateful for the Generosity of the Congregation Thank you to the 179 individuals and families who have made pledge commitments for 2019 totaling $794,786. In response to prayerful consideration of what God is calling them to do, many in our congregation have increased their pledges from last year. We are excited and encouraged […]

    VBS Shipwrecked, Rescued by Jesus

    by Stacy Currie

    Our VBS Shipwrecked theme made quite a splash with the children this year! We started the week off learning that Jesus will always be there to rescue us, even if we are lonely, worried, struggle, make bad decisions or feel powerless. “Be still and know I am God” -Psalm 46:10 was one of the Bible […]

    Mind the Light — Stewardship 2018

    by Gary Ingram

    For 300 years, our congregation has been a beacon of God’s hope, love, and grace. Over these years, God’s abundant generosity and the generosity and faithfulness of the many generations before us, have enabled God’s light to shine forth. This light has called and guided many—those who have walked through our doors, been influenced by […]

    Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry Search Committee

    by Karen Johnson

    The Personnel Council is pleased to inform the congregation that the search committee to fill the position of Full-time Director of Ministry to Youth, Young Adults, and Their Families is formed and have begun the search process at their first meeting on Monday, November 14th. Under the leadership of chairperson Joy Schmitt, this committee includes […]

    Session Highlights From August 2016

    by Gary Ingram

    Session passed the following motion in connection with the replacement of the Sanctuary windows: Short term – education. For both Session and Trustees to agree to listen to an informed historical architect on what resources are available for historic property owners as they consider stewardship and sustainability of their properties. Medium term – planning for […]

    Weekly Reflection: The Power of Our Words

    by Maureen Paterson

    Like a steel blade, our words, slash, maim, cripple, destroy, kill. A virulent stream of poison spewing from our lips, in anger, fear, hatred, self-defense. Untamed, unchecked, thoughtless, ill-timed, idle chatter. Breathe once again your spirit into us. Reform, reclaim, renew our words, so like a gentle rain in a barren land, they may bring […]

    “Thank you!” from Rev. Dennis Jones

    by Rev. Dennis Jones

    Dear Friends, What a stunning surprise you all pulled off in worship on October 18 with a surprise celebration of the 25th anniversary of my ordination as a minister!  It is a day I will always remember!  Thank you for the kind words, the wonderful stories, the song from our amazing choir, the gift of a […]