The Church Library, located in the Church House building, is a beautiful, quiet and reflective space which offers a wide variety of books, DVDs, CDs and other reading materials. The materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal system, and can be located easily in the card catalog by title, author, or subject.  (A digital card-catalog is coming soon.)  If you are interested in a particular search, contact the librarian.

The library is self-service and  is open whenever the Church House is open (as long as the room is not being used for a meeting).  The librarian is on site Monday mornings, and is available by email or phone (908-766-3419).

To check an item out, write your name and the date on the card in the back of the item, and leave the card in the box on top of the card catalog.  To return an item, simply place it in the box under the card catalog.

Recent Additions
Boundaries & RelationshipsMore than personal boundaries, this book is really about relationships--healthy and unhealthy ones. Here the author and psychotherapist blends theories and dynamics from several disciplines into practical knowledge and actions that you can use in your relationships right now.
Dance of DeceptionWe all "do deception", often with the intention to protect ourselves and the relationships we depend on. “ The Dance of Deception” unravels the ways (and whys) that women show the false and hide the real -- even to our own selves. We see how relationships are affected by lying and faking, by silence and pretending and by brave -- but misguided -- efforts to tell the truth. Truth-telling is at the heart of what is most central in women's lives. It is at the foundation of authenticity and creativity, intimacy and joy. Yet in the name of "honesty", we can bludgeon each other. We can approach a difficult issue with such a poor sense of timing and tact that we can actually shut down the lines of communication rather than widening the path of truth-telling.
Chocolate MeThe boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. His skin is darker, his hair curlier. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else. And she helps him to see how beautiful he really, truly is.
Flawed Families of the BibleThe families of the Bible were far from perfect, and not so different in that regard from our imperfect families today. In “Flawed Families of the Bible”, a New Testament scholar (David) and a professor of social work (Diana) take a real and close look at the actual families of the Bible. This book will inspire and encourage readers with its focus on the overarching theme of hope and grace for families, showing that it is in the "imperfect places" that we can catch a glimpse of grace. Perfect for pastors, counselors, and anyone in a flawed family.
A Musician Looks at the Psalms“A Musician Looks at the Psalms” is like “a modern-day psalter”, written by one who has grappled with the hard realities of life in the workplace, at home, and in the secret sanctuary of his own heart. Like the psalmists, he does not offer pat answers to complex problems. Rather, he strips away the superficialities he encounters in daily living and probes all one hundred and fifty psalms for the light they shed on his spiritual pilgrimage.”
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want …”Travel the shepherd’s path to the green pastures and cool, refreshing waters of Psalm 23.As a shepherd, Phillip Keller shares his insights into the life and character of sheep―and of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for them. This beloved classic will give new meaning to the ageless Shepherd Psalm, enriching your trust in and love for the Lord who watches closely over you.

Donations of books to the BRPC Library should be left in the library with a note that identifies the donor so that the librarian can acknowledge the gift. While not all donations come to reside on our shelves, these treasures will find extended use through other sources. BRPC Library is also grateful for monetary donations which can be used to buy specific “wish for” titles or those requested by the donor. Please contact Janet Bentley for assistance with this type of donation. Donations can also be made in honor or in memory of a specific individual.

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