Oak Leaves Blog

  • Historical Focus for August: Church Campus and Change

    by Kris Emmitt

    It all started with a log meeting house erected next to a majestic oak tree in 1717. In 1731, John Ayers, one of the very early settlers, deeded 1½ acres surrounding the meeting house to the Trustees of the church thus creating the property of the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church. This meeting house served the […]

    Free Books!

    by Gary Ingram

    FREE BOOKS! A newly formed Library committee to help manage the book collection has placed a cart in Fellowship Hall with books free for the taking prior to their being offered to Princeton Theological Seminary. Please help yourself.

    Weekly Reflection: You Know Me Lord

    by Maureen Paterson

    You know me Lord. My faults and failings, hopes and dreams, worries and concerns. You know me Lord, My past regrets and future fears, my present need. You know me Lord, no thought is hidden, no action unnoticed, no desire unseen. You know me Lord, more than I wish, so I try to hide, run […]

    Lemonade Servers Needed

    by Gary Ingram

    We are serving Lemonade in Westminster Hall after each Sunday Summer Service through July and August. Please consider volunteering to host a Sunday and share this hospitality with other Sunday worshippers. To volunteer, or if you have questions, please contact Jean Wadsworth, 908-766-0620 or send an email to jeansdonj@aol.com.

    Monthly Historical Focus for July: A History of the Cemetery

    by Rudy Hyzer

    As the great oak lives in our memories, the removal uncovers another historic treasure of our church, the graveyard. As old as the church itself, with the first legible stone monument to Henry Haines in 1736, with folklore references to a marker dated 1719, the graveyard is the final resting place of members of this […]

    Our Summer Challenge

    by Maureen Paterson

    This Pentecost, Rev. Maureen challenged us to remain open for the Holy Spirit around us in the world this summer. As we did a few years ago we invite you to make note of these moments when you become aware of the signs and wonders of God – write them on a card and place […]

    Weekly Reflection: Freely You Have Received

    by Maureen Paterson

    Lord, you call to us, to send us out in your name. Your voice stirs our hearts, yet our mind stops us, calling us instead, to plan, prepare, strategize, be sure. We forget you are the one who parts the sea, calms the storm, sends manna from heaven, water from a stone. Lord, you call […]

    New Members

    by Gary Ingram

    On May 28, we welcomed our latest class of new members.  Give these folks a warm welcome as you see them around!

    Weekly Reflection: Pentecost

    by Maureen Paterson

    In the voice, still and small to calm and call, You come. In the storm and earthquake to wake and shake, You come. Tongues of flame fierce and bright hearts to ignite, You come. Making known your power and grace. inviting awe inspiring praise, You come. Let us open wide the doors of our hearts. […]

    Pam Smith Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary—and Retirement!

    by Gary Ingram

    For the last thirty years, Pam Smith has been an integral part of the administrative staff of BRPC. We celebrate her tenure on her anniversary, but this celebration is a double-edged sword: Pam is retiring with her husband Marshall for life in Florida. She is looking forward to continuing her love of swimming and hopes […]