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  • 300th Anniversary Monthly Focus: Women’s Ministry—Women in the Church

    by Kris Emmitt

    Mention of women in our early history was limited, although we have a few interesting stories of special women of the time. On December 13, 1776 Basking Ridge became the center of attention in our War of Independence as General Charles Lee, second in command under George Washington, was arrested by the British at the […]

    Lent 2017 at BRPC — Encounters with Jesus

    by Rev. Dennis Jones

    This year, during Lent, we will meet the people who met Jesus. We will learn from their joys and their struggles, from what they discovered and from what they totally missed. In the midst of that we will open our own hearts and minds to the transformative encounters that our Lord yearns to have with […]

    Weekly Reflection: Remake Us, Lord

    by Maureen Paterson

      In the beginning, we were, whole, holy, good. But we wanted more. More power, more knowledge, to be more like you. We still want more. A war-zone of mind and heart, steals peace from our lives. Conflicting emotions, and dueling desires fuel our seismic struggles. Remove from us our vengeful, shameful, hurtful longings. Free […]

    Inter-Faith Hospitality Network—Thanks!

    by Joan Eichhorn

    It was a great blessing to host 3 moms and 8 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 10 years. Many volunteers commented that this group was very special in that the children were well mannered, polite and wanting to help. It was also unique because they had a “snow day” where they could […]

    Weekly Reflection: Shine Your Light

    by Maureen Paterson

    You call us, Lord, to shine our light. To pierce the darkness; to step out from the shadows; to light the way. But, Lord, we prefer to hide, to ignore, to forget. We want your light to shine in our lives, to chase away our fears, our sorrows, our regrets. But, Lord, we prefer to […]

    New Stephen Ministers Commissioned

    by Gary Ingram

    On January 22, the following Stephen Ministers were commissioned during the 10:15 am service. They have each completed 50 hours of training: Bonnie Diehl Marilou Howe Kate Prins Pat Haines Jeanne Poehner Cynthia Wynant We are grateful for their commitment to this caring ministry and their willingness to walk alongside those facing challenging times in […]

    Interfaith Hospitality Network Annual Report

    by Gary Ingram

    The Interfaith Hospitality Network is one of the local missions that BRPC supports with lots of hands-on help and energy. If you are curious about their wider mission and how our support fits in, you can review their annual report which they recently sent to us:

    Weekly Reflection: Our Love / God’s Love

    by Maureen Paterson

    Love, our love; a love of red hearts and candy; a love of fleeting choice and desire; a love of broken promises and dashed hopes. Love, our love; a litany of apologies and forgiveness; hurts and healing; second chances and new tomorrows. Love, our love; often so inadequate, so inept, so inconsistent. Your love, Lord. […]

    300th Anniversary Monthly Focus: The Samuel Brown Society

    by Gary Ingram

    Planned Giving: THE SAMUEL BROWN SOCIETY The spirit of giving has been a foundation of our church from its very beginning. Over the years, we have gratefully given to fund the spiritual nourishment of our congregation, to give to the mission of helping others in communities around the world and to help secure to future generations […]

    January 29 Kicks Off our Official Celebration of our 300th Anniversary

    by Judith Pasnik

    This Sunday, January 29th, Rev. Dennis Jones will be preaching in the role of Dr. Robert Finley, beloved 5th pastor of Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church from 1795 – 1817. You are invited to come and enjoy a historic worship service to kick off the 300th Anniversary celebration! Robert Finley was born at Princeton, N.J. in […]