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  • Weekly Reflection: Abide in Me

    by Maureen Paterson

    Distracted by sounds and sights, overwhelmed by demands and worries, tempted by desires and wants, we bear the fruit of our own lives. Fruits of jealousy, pride, selfishness. Seeking approval from a world far removed from You, we stumble and fall. Find ourselves, uprooted, alone, humbled. Lost in our own world, withering without your presence. […]

    Weekly Reflection: Living Stones

    by Maureen Paterson

    Stones, thrown at one another in anger and fear. Hurled with bitterness and disgust, creating an avalanche of hurt, pain and brokenness. Burying others with shame, self-doubt, and insecurity. Stones, of judgement, prejudice, and hatred, stacked up. Creating a wall of injustice, division and intolerance. Stones, of regret, crippling, paralyzing, weighing us down. Yet, you […]

    Gently-Used or New Women’s Clothing Needed

    by Gary Ingram

    As you are bringing out your warmer-weather clothes, please consider the opportunity to help women transitioning from prison to the community at the Bo Robinson Transitional Center in Trenton, by providing clothing for their new life. Please bring only women’s clothing, in very good condition – like you would give to a friend. The women […]

    Session Highlights – May 2017

    by Tina Bramel

    Session examined and welcomed the new elders, trustees and deacons who are starting their terms this month. Dennis announced the Council and Committee Leadership assignments for 2017-2018. Dennis thanked the seven outgoing elders for their dedication and service to our church. Upon recommendation from the Personnel Council, Session voted to authorize a change in the […]

    Youth & Young Adult Committee Scholarships Available – Apply by May 31

    by Gary Ingram

    The Youth and Young Adult Committee administrates a number of scholarship funds.  These scholarships are generally available to upperclass or graduate level students in the helping professions such as the pastorate, social work, Christian education, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, law, and rehabilitation counseling. Applications are due May 31, 2017.  Click here to view/download an application. […]

    Church Office News

    by Gary Ingram

    On June 7, after 30 years of service to our church, Pam Smith will be retiring. Although it will be impossible to “replace” Pam, we do need to hire someone to continue her work supporting the church operation. The candidate we are seeking should be proficient in Word, Excel, Publisher and Servant Keeper, be detailed […]

    Lend a hand at the “Giving Gardens” at Ross Farm (135 North Maple Avenue)

    by Gary Ingram

    Several churches have partnered with The Friends of the Boudinot-Southard-Ross Estate and the Somerset County Parks Commission to grow fresh produce for families in need, donating to the Somerset County Food Bank and God’s Co-Op Food Pantry. Last year, volunteers delivered 1000 lbs. of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, and the partners hope to donate […]

    300th Anniversary Celebration – Mission Focus for May: Restore Ministries Inc

    by Gary Ingram

    BRPC’s mission council began a partnership with Restore Ministries Inc in 2015. This organization operates within Second Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, NJ and their mission is to nurture urban youth who are at risk of dropping out of school. Through after-school clubs and cultural and arts programs as well as a summer outreach they hope […]

    Weekly Reflection: Open Our Eyes

    by Maureen Paterson

    Open our eyes Lord, to your presence among us. Open our eyes Lord, to your risen power within us. Open our eyes Lord, to your glory around us. May we recognize you in the faces of strangers, enemies, friends. May we embrace you, by welcoming the outcast, the lonely, the poor. May we walk with […]