Oak Leaves Blog

  • New Church Historian

    by Gary Ingram

    The Mantle has been passed! John Charles Smith is our new Church Historian having assumed the responsibilities of leading the Historic Records Committee from “honorably retired” George Fricke. John is no newcomer to this church – he is a member of the “50 years and MORE membership club”! John shares more than his passion for […]

    Lectionary Reflection: Light Shines in the Darkness

    by Maureen Paterson

    You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we skulk in the shadows, hiding in pain. You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we cower in the corner, fearful in shame. You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we dance with the devil, flirting with sin. You call us forth, your radiant beams of grace, piercing […]

    Mind the Light — Stewardship 2018

    by Gary Ingram

    For 300 years, our congregation has been a beacon of God’s hope, love, and grace. Over these years, God’s abundant generosity and the generosity and faithfulness of the many generations before us, have enabled God’s light to shine forth. This light has called and guided many—those who have walked through our doors, been influenced by […]

    Nominating Committee Seeks Input

    by Gary Ingram

    It’s About BRPC’s Future! We need your help to identify the best candidates for important leadership positions at BRPC.  A sense of God’s call to serve, coupled with a willingness to serve, is much more important than any particular set of skills or talents. Please prayerfully consider those who play significant roles in the life […]

    Session Highlights – October

    by Gary Ingram

    Bonnie Kelly, Executive Director of Ridge Oak Senior Housing, one of our Mission Partners, visited the Session meeting in October and updated the Session on the latest developments from Ridge Oak. Upon recommendation from the Personnel Council, Session voted on a change in the Personnel Policy regarding medical coverage for Support Staff. Session approved a […]

    We Celebrate Jen Nowack’s 6th Anniversary as Director of the Tree House

    by Gary Ingram

    On Sunday, October 22, we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Tree House and Jen Nowack’s 6th Anniversary as it’s Director. Under Jen’s leadership, the Tree House continues to grow and thrive with 124 children now attending. The creation of a new website, extensive staff development, and the implementation of the Creative Curriculum have impacted […]