When individuals and families within the church community are faced with special needs, the deacons are there to help. They provide compassion and encouragement, and, as the need arises, practical help such as meals and transportation.

To ensure the care of all church members, deacons are assigned and offer their help to church members living within the same geographic area called clusters.

If you are in need of meals or transportation, we invite you to contact your cluster deacon directly. If you would like more information about the deacons, contact Dr. Maureen Paterson.

 Current Deacons

Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2014
Sandy Barlow8Josh Felter2Jean Aurnhammer4
Addie Gundlack4Pam Meyers9Dan Boston10
Peggy Harris7Alex Ryder11Dorothy Dameo6
Evelyn Helland5Debbie Schaub7Amanda Hughes1
Jeanne Poehner9
Kate Prins5
Beverly Prochazka2
Linda Rhyne3
Nancy Sinni
Jann SlapinModerator
Sally Warman3
Rachel Creedon (youth)8