Christian Education does not end with the conclusion of Sunday School. After we teach our children the important stories of our faith, we need to guide them as they apply these lessons in their own lives. We want to equip them to receive and respond to all of their life experiences as disciples of Jesus. In that hope, we offer this programming for youth in Middle School and High School. Each age-appropriate segment is designed to increase the Biblical understanding, prayer capacity, worship fluency and ability to make a difference in the world in Jesus’ name.

This Week:

Senior High Fellowship–We meet this Sunday, October 11th, from 11:30 am through 1 pmin the Youth Center. We will have some bagels, snacks and juice together. After this we will be split into two groups where one group will stay and discuss a biblical topic, and the other group will go help out the Boquist family with some simple fall cleaning. Transportation is arranged.

We will end fellowship with everyone back at the Youth Center at 1 pm with a short session of prayer. All 9th through 12th graders are warmly welcomed. Bring all your friends!

Youth Music–Meets Wednesdays 5-6 p.m.— For Grades 6-12
Experience music each week through playing instruments, singing, recording, composing and other media. For more information, contact Chris Fortin

Middle School Bibles and Bagels–There will be no Bibles and Bagels this Sunday, as we want everyone to join us for Communion.

Middle School Fellowship – This week we will first be eating at the Youth Center, and then we will walk over to Oak Street School where there will be different sports and games if the weather holds. Feel free to bring balls, frisbees etc. We will end with a session of prayer. All Middle school students are warmly welcomed and we hope as many as possible can make it!

Also we ask that you take a look at out sign up sheet as we would kindly ask each family to pick a date for providing a meal for the fellowship:
Middle School

Calling all 6 – 8 graders to Middle School Fellowship on Wednesday evenings, 6:00-7:30 p.m., in the Youth Center. Plan to join us for fun, games, activities and discussion time. We start the evening with pizza! We will also enjoy some fun outings throughout the year. Join us and bring a friend!

Sr. High Fellowship

Led by our Andy Holvik, our director of youth ministries, and a team of dedicated advisors, Senior High Fellowship meets in the Youth Center of the church on Sunday after the worship service, from 11:30 am to 1 pm. All youth are invited to come along and bring a friend. The group also enjoys weekend retreats, recreational trips and the annual summer youth Workcamp.

Confirmation Class

The Confirmation program prepares 9th grade students to become full adult members of the congregation. Students learn more about their relationship with God, what it means to be a Presbyterian and how they can be involved in the church community. Participation in Confirmation does not mean students must join the church, but if after prayerful consideration they are ready to take that step, they will be confirmed as full members at the end of the program year.

Students meet twice a month in small groups of two or three with an adult mentor for conversation using the curriculum material provided by the program. These sessions give the mentors and students a chance to talk with each other in a relaxed environment and discuss questions and reactions to the information being presented about God and the church. These small groups may also attend worship together and participate in hands-on mission opportunities.

Also, once a month, students and their parents gather together for dinner and class. Pastor Dennis Jones, meets with the students, digging deeper into the topics they have been discussing during the month or others not covered by the curriculum, while parents meet in another room, reviewing the same topics, asking questions, and listening to presentations relevant to their role as parents.

If you are interested in learning more about the Confirmation program, please contact Dennis Jones.


For one week in July, youth and advisors from our church and community travel to Maine to repair homes for those in need. This is an awesome opportunity for our young people to see how their hard work and can make a difference in the lives of others, as well as experience what it means to live out their faith in an intentional way.


Youth Music

For information on the music opportunities for youth, please see the music ministries page.

Each year, the Youth & Young Adult Committee offers scholarships for college juniors, seniors and graduate students. The scholarships are granted to aid education at an accredited college, university, or seminary for individuals dedicated to working in “helping professions,” such as pastorate, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, law, and social work. Church members and Somerset Hills residents are eligible. Applications are due May 15th.