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Stewardship 2016

Continuing to Build on a Firm Foundation: Celebrating our Past, Supporting our Present, Investing in our Future

As we approach our 300th Anniversary in 2017, we continue to build the firm foundation that will lead our church into the future that God has planned for us.  Our long range vision is to become a church that will faithfully serve God by offering a place of grace and welcome where all people can be renewed and nurtured in their faith and then go forth to serve the needs of a hurting world through mission outreach and the generous sharing of our time and talents. For almost 300 years our church has been a beacon of light for our community—a light that requires the faithful stewardship and giving of each succeeding generation if it is to continue to thrive.

Our Stewardship theme for 2016 is:

Continuing to Build upon a Firm Foundation

Celebrating our Past, Supporting our Present, Investing in our Future

A loving and faithful God forms the foundation of our church and undergirds the four pillars of the ministry of our church in service to God:

Renew: through worship, music, Bible study and fellowship
Nurture: through pastoral care, youth and family ministries
Serve: through local and global mission and community outreach
Sustain: through prudent operation of our historic church and campus

Pillar% of Annual Budget$ per Week
Renew26% $6247
Serve19% $4671

The four pillars of our vibrant and far-reaching ministry take considerable resources, roughly $24,000 per week. Your gifts serve as a tangible expression of your faith and love of God, and as a response to his goodness and generosity in your life. God calls us to give of our first fruits in the form of tithing, 10% of one’s income. We invite and encourage each member to prayerfully consider God’s call and set a goal of tithing by taking the first step to proportionally increase your pledge in 2016 and to continue in each subsequent year until you attain a tithe. Our ministry could not happen without your generous gifts!

Last year the congregational response to our stewardship call resulted in an increase of over 7% in pledge income. We were deeply inspired by that response and are so grateful for your generosity!  You helped to put our church on a path of financial sustainability, a journey that we need your help to continue. To this end, for 2016 we have set a challenge to increase pledge income by 10% and invite you to carefully and prayerfully consider an increase of your pledge by 10% or more.

We are deeply grateful for your profound generosity.  Your faith, your commitment, and your support is what allows us to carry out the ministry of Christ to which we have been called!  Together, confident in God’s faithfulness and eager for what the future will bring, we will joyfully Continue to Build upon a Firm Foundation.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Giving

Since 1717 when the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church first gathered for worship, people of faith have met in this place to draw near to God and, by His grace, be bearers of Christ’s Good News throughout the world.

Central to our sense of identity and purpose as a church is the humble awareness that God calls us to manage, care for, and share all of the abundance we have been blessed with, in ways that will delight and be pleasing to God.

Why did Jesus link the spiritual life so closely to financial matters?

Jesus regularly spoke of the relationship between finances and our commitment to God, and this relationship remains key to our spiritual lives today as financial motivations and decisions are ever present in our lives.  He knew that the love of money has the potential to take the place of one’s love for God, that it is all too easy to become people who clutch instead of share, and worry instead of trust.

Why should a Christian be financially generous?

Our Christian generosity is rooted in an understanding that all we are and have belongs to our Almighty God. (Psalm 24:1) Out of his great love and desire to be in relationship with us, God created us; through Christ’s sacrificial death and glorious resurrection, he redeemed us; and through the presence of the Holy Spirit, he nourishes and sustains us.  God sets us amidst abundance and entrusts us to manage our many resources in ways which will bring him joy.

According to the Bible, how am I to give?

The Bible details that our generosity is to be regular (1 Corinthians 16:2), proportional (2 Corinthians 8:12), and sacrificial (Mark 12:43-44).

How much should I give?

The traditional tithe, 10% of one’s gross earnings, is the biblical standard for giving as attested to by God in the Old Testament.  The teaching of the New Testament encourages giving in proportion to the material blessings one has received and calls us to give, not out of obligation, but in a joyful gratitude for all God has given us.  (Consider: Matthew 6:19-21 & 33; Matthew 23:23; Luke 6:38; Luke 21:1-4; Malachi 1:6-14; 2 Corinthians 8 & 9; Proverbs 3:9-10.)

How is my pledge used?

Our Christian heritage affirms that a Christian’s primary giving is to be directed towards the local church and its missions. In the Bible, offerings were regularly collected to maintain the ongoing work for God in the world. Today this means giving to the Church which Christ established. Our pledges are used to fund God’s ministry in each of the four pillars mentioned above, and are the primary source of funds for every ministry and activity of the church.

Are members expected to make a financial commitment?

Yes, in fact, congregational members are challenged to grow toward the biblical standard of tithing (10%) by one percent of income each year. For example: if you are currently giving 2% of your income to the church, you would increase your giving to 3%. This philosophy seeks to encourage disciples to take their next step of faith and to live life as Christ prescribed. It is also a realistic strategy by which many have faithfully strengthened their financial stewardship. If you have never made a financial commitment, begin with a reasonable objective and plan to increase your giving annually.

Each fall, pledge cards are used by members to communicate their commitment for the coming calendar year. This estimated amount may be increased or decreased at any time during the year as circumstances warrant.  This process provides a clear goal for the membership and is a helpful planning tool for the church leadership.

To make a pledge, please fill out the form above. To learn more about Christian Giving contact Rev. Dennis Jones or Janet Bentley.


Samuel Brown Society

The Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church Endowment, invested in perpetuity, generates support year after year for every program and service offered by the church.

For many of us, it is not feasible to make significant gifts to the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church Endowment during our lifetime.  However, it may be possible to make a planned gift that is a testament to your faith.

Planned Giving Options

Bequest – the easiest way to make a planned gift is through a bequest in your will.  Designate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset.

Retirement Accounts – traditional retirement accounts are usually heavily taxed as part of an estate.  Reduce estate taxes by donating the account, maximizing benefits to your heirs.

Life Insurance – make BRPC the beneficiary of an existing policy no longer needed for your family, or purchase a new policy which names BRPC as the owner and beneficiary.

Real Estate – reduce capital gains and estate taxes by deeding your home to BRPC and retain the right to live there for you or your family.

Life Income Gifts – charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, or pooled income funds provide you/your beneficiaries with income for life, while reducing certain taxes.

We recommend that you discuss planned giving options with your financial advisor or attorney to determine which would be most advantageous to you.

If you would like more information or speak with someone about establishing a planned gift to the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church endowment, contact Janet Bentley, Church Administrator, at (908)766-1616, x18.