Meet Our Staff

Rev. Dennis W. Jones

Dennis Jones

Pastor & Head of Staff

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The Reverend Dennis W. Jones began his ministry as the nineteenth pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge on May 11, 2009.

A native of Basking Ridge, Dennis attended Boston College, graduated from the University of Delaware in 1984, and returned to his hometown to become a police officer. Dennis was often referred to as “Father” by his fellow officers because of the philosophy with which he approached his job. Upon hearing God’s call to become a pastor, Dennis studied at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he received a Master of Divinity, and was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in 1990.

He began his ministry as an associate pastor with a focus on youth and their families in Charlotte, NC at the Sardis Presbyterian Church. In 1993, Dennis returned to New Jersey to serve in a similar role here at BRPC for six years. In 1999 Dennis was called to become the pastor of Alexandria First Presbyterian Church in Milford, NJ, where he served for ten years. Dennis was called to return home to BRPC in 2009 and serves as pastor and head of staff.

Dennis is married to Emily, and their daughter is Teresa.



Dr. Maureen Paterson

Associate Pastor

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Maureen was privileged to grow up in a Christian home and blessed to be part of a church family.

After high school, she began a study of Divinity at St. Andrews University in Scotland.  Through her participation in a Prison Fellowship group that ministerd to young inmates, she felt called to ordained ministry.  After being selected for ministry by the Church of Scotland and graduation from St. Andrews, Maureen completed two years of post graduate work at the University of Edinburgh.  During that time, she gained valuable skills for ministry through her work alongside a chaplain in a general hospital.

After serving in a one year student internship in Aberdeen, NC, Maureen served as Associate Pastor for Christian Education and Youth in Raeford, NC for over six years, as well as in various positions within the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina. In September 2007, Maureen joined the staff of The Presbyterian church of Basking Ridge as the Director of Youth and Education. In May 2009, Maureen received her Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia with a focus in Christian Spirituality.

After serving for three years as Director of Youth and Education, the congregation of The Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge called Dr. Paterson as Associate Pastor in September 2010.

Maureen and her husband Ian have three sons, Gregor, Angus and Callum, and a daughter, Isla.


Jacqueline Obregon

Director of Ministries to Children & Their Families

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Jacqueline oversees programs for children from birth to grade 5. She has been a Director of Children and Family Ministries at The Presbyterian Church at Pluckemin as well as a Director of Program Development for both local and national non-profit organizations.  Jackie began her career working with children as a teacher, including special education. She graduated from Rutgers University, and has an Elementary Teaching Certification.  She attended Columbia University School of Social Work as well as studied Family Law at Columbia University Law School. Jackie is in her office at the Church House Monday through Wednesday.

Donna Anderle, new Director of Youth Ministries

Donna Anderle

Director of Youth Ministries

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Donna is responsible for ministries to youth from middle-school through high-school,  and young adults in college & recently graduated.

Donna grew up in Mt. Arlington, and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 2011 and a master’s degree in Education in 2014. Before joining BRPC, she worked part time teaching gymnastics at Indigo Gymnastics in New Providence and substitute teaching. She is looking forward to singing in the Oratorio choir.

Kayla Kelly

Seminarian Intern

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Greetings, Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church! My name is Kayla Kelly and I am your Seminarian Intern. I am very excited to be working with such a warm and welcoming community. I know that there will be much for us to teach each other!

I am a Dual Degree candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary seeking a Master’s of Divinity Degree as well as an M.A. in Youth Ministry. I just began my second year at the seminary and it is already showing itself to be a great year. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Religious Studies and Philosophy. I look forward to putting those studies to work as I learn about the theological and practical applications of ministry. I hail from Kansas City, so I am quite a ways from home, but am constantly looking for ways to bring a little of that Midwestern charm to my new home here in New Jersey.  This year I will be working with the Middle School Fellowship group on Wednesday evenings, as well as helping teach the Middle School Bibles and Bagels Sunday School class. I will also be assisting with the worship services on Sunday mornings.

Clifford Parrish

Interim Director of Music Ministries

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Clifford directs the Sanctuary choir, the Alpha and Knox bell choirs, and the youth voice and bell choirs.


Beth Donley

Director of Children's Music Ministry

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Beth directs our three children’s choirs: Cherub Choir for children aged 3 – 5; Carol Choir for grades 1 and 2; and Spirit Choir for grades 3 – 6. In addition, she leads music for Vacation Bible School and works with the Children’s Ministry Council to introduce music into the Sunday School program. She has been a member of the staff since 2005.

Beth is also a member of our congregation and has sung in the Senior and Oratorio choirs since 1995, adding her voice to the ensembles and gracing our services with beautiful solos.

Beth graduated from The University of Delaware as a business major and a music minor. She has studied voice for many years and has also attended classes and workshops in children’s music leadership.


Janet Bentley

Church Administrator & Treasurer

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Janet has been our Church Administrator and Treasurer since 1996. Working closely with the Board of Trustees, she manages the care and maintenance of the church facilities and grounds, including our historic church cemetery. She is responsible for the church’s financial and administrative policies and procedures, and serves as our Human Resources manager. Janet supervises our amazing church support staff which include the church administrative assistants, assistant treasurers and sextons. Janet can be reached at the office Monday through Thursday.


Cara Burchett

Pastoral Administrative Assistant

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This position provides support to clergy, program staff, the Clerk of Session and council/committee members as appropriate.  Cara is often the first voice one hears when calling our office to reach a pastor in a time of need.  Her primary responsibilities are preparation of worship bulletins and supporting the administrative needs of the pastors.  Contact Cara with requests for bulletin announcements, and to schedule baptisms and weddings.

Cara joined the staff in August 2009.  She works Monday through Friday from  8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


Pam Smith

Church Administrative Assistant

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Pam has been a member of the staff for over 25 years serving in various capacities. She currently provides administrative support to the Membership and Education Councils. This includes maintaining the church membership database, new member materials, and the master calendar as well as providing administrative support to the education ministries, whose programs span from infant childcare to Adult Education. On Sunday mornings, you can also find Pam in the Nursery, caring for our youngest church members.

Pam works Monday – Wednesday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Gary Ingram

Communication Coordinator

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Gary Ingram is the communication coordinator, responsible for building and maintaining the church’s website, and assisting with other communications as needed. He is generally in the office during the afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Michelle Berger


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Michelle is the Church Receptionist. She welcomes and assists people who call or come into the church office. In addition Michelle provides administrative support to the office staff.

Michelle is on duty Monday – Thursday 9am – 2:30pm, and Friday from 9am to 12:30.


Liz Messineo

Assistant Treasurer

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Liz comes to the Treasurer’s office from a life-time of church membership. She has served on numerous committees and board, and has sung in church choirs since she was six. Professionally, Liz worked in the accounting departments of various insurance companies, and currently manages the family business, NJ Film School.

As Assistant Treasurer, Liz is responsible for payments, payroll, and maintaining our church financial records. She is in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-400.


Peter O’Connor

Church Sexton
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Peter O’Connor is responsible for the care of our church buildings, grounds, and our historic cemetery.  There is no area of our extensive campus that Peter hasn’t maintained or improved!  He has been a member of the staff for since 1983.

Peter works Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 12 noon and is on call for emergencies.


David Brownlee

Church Sexton
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David Brownlee plays several roles on the staff. During the week he cares for the church buildings and grounds. On Sunday, and for other special services, David serves as our Worship Sexton, preparing the sanctuary for worship and assisting the clergy. He also heads our worship service recording team. David has been a member of the staff since 1999.

David works Monday-Wednesday and Fridays from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. and on Sundays from 7:30 a.m. – 12 noon.