Westminster Hall is  undergoing a remarkable renewal in order to meet the evolving needs of our congregation.  The re-design is intended to create a sense of timelessness and provide a beautiful backdrop for all gatherings, from fellowship to education to our new alternative worship service.  We are deeply grateful to Jeff Haines for developing the vision and design for the space and to Jeff Sell who spent his summer managing contractors to execute the plan, including:

  • Walls and trim painted in shades of gray and cream.  The new color scheme, including existing wood features, echoes the tones found in our iconic oak tree.
  • Shutters, that recall the heritage of our church, were added to the majestic windows enabling greater control of natural light.
  • Acoustic panels, trimmed with molding, have dramatically reduced the troubling echo in the hall.
  • The soaring wood ceiling and its graceful arches are now illuminated by the candle-like glow of a chandelier that recalls a simpler time.

The catalyst for this project is our new, informal Oak Table worship service, so-named for the communion table that will be the visual and spiritual center of the services.  The table is being created using the base of one that was formerly in Westminster Hall with a new rough-hewn oak top.  The new table alludes to both our historic oak tree and the roots of Christianity around the table.

We feel the Spirit at work in the Westminster Hall project, the Oak Table service, and our congregation as we move forward while also remaining grounded in our history.  We trust that the Oak Table service will inspire seekers and believers to come as they are for a welcoming, participatory worship experience on Saturdays at 5 pm beginning in 2015.

Funding for the Westminster Hall project came from several sources, all outside of the operating budget. These sources include Leisure Learning, donated Memorial funds, the Historic Building Reserve Fund, and designated gifts from several dedicated church members.  Our church is truly blessed by the generosity of friends, members and those saints who came before us.