Dr. Robert Finley

This Sunday, January 29th, Rev. Dennis Jones will be preaching in the role of Dr. Robert Finley, beloved 5th pastor of Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church from 1795 – 1817. You are invited to come and enjoy a historic worship service to kick off the 300th Anniversary celebration!

Robert Finley was born at Princeton, N.J. in 1772, son of James Finley of
Scotland, who came to New Jersey in 1769 at the invitation of his friend Dr. John Witherspoon, president of the College of New Jersey (Princeton).

Robert Finley was a precocious student, commencing his study of Latin when he was eight, and entering the College of New Jersey as a freshman in his eleventh year. He graduated in 1787 in his sixteenth year and was then a teacher in the grammar school at Princeton and later at Allentown, N.J. and Charleston, S.C.

Returning to Princeton he again taught in the grammar school and then became a tutor at the college. During this time, he had decided to go into the ministry and studied theology under Dr. Witherspoon.

On Sept. 16, 1794 when he was still only twenty-two, he was licensed by the New Brunswick Presbytery, and came to Basking Ridge church to preach for a number of Sundays.

Learn more on Sunday!