We invite you to join us in the choir room after the 10:15 service to see and hear our newly restored Schomacker grand piano, generously given by Geoff and Julie Dobson and made possible by the Gifts and Memorials Committee. Over the past 2 months, Ed Riedinger, a local specialist in piano restoration, has been hard at work restoring the Schomacker.

Originally built in Philadelphia in 1902, this 6’ 2” piano is made of solid mahogany wood with a cherry finish. Upon inspection of this magnificent instrument, Mr. Riedinger found that it was rebuilt in 1964 by a local tuner who worked for Steinway named Mr. Endress. The piano has a unique design similar to the Steinway Model A1 with a similar stringing scale and Steinway patented treble “bell-for” tone improvement. In addition, the tenor bridge is an exact copy of a Steinway Model A1. In all likelihood, the Steinway patents had run out and the Schomacker Company copied the original Steinway design. After further investigation, it was found that Mr. Endress rebuilt the action mechanism, i.e. hammers and other internal working parts, with the 1964 addition of new Steinway parts.

We are extremely grateful to the Dobsons for this incredible gift, the Gifts & Memorials Committee for their thoughtful consideration in awarding funds for this project, and Mr. Riedinger for his many hours of work and joy he has poured into making this treasure even more beautiful. This instrument will be enthusiastically used to the glory of God, and enjoyed by musicians of all ages both now and for generations to come.

~Chris Fortin
Director of Music Ministries