Congratulations to Reverend Dennis Jones who is celebrating his 10-year anniversary as Senior Pastor at BRPC on May 11, 2019.  Dennis’ history in the life of our congregation began in 1979, during his senior year of high school, when friends invited him to youth activities and welcomed him into the life of the church.  That summer he went to North Turner, Maine with BRPC’s Youth Fellowship, on his first Maine workcamp.  He tells the story that this was the best 9 days of his young life and that it strongly influenced his future life call to ministry.

Upon graduating from college in 1984 he returned to his home of Basking Ridge to become a police officer, lovingly referred to as “Father” by his fellow officers. Three years later, Dennis answered God’s call to go to seminary for the purpose of becoming a minister.  He was first called to BRPC as an “Interim” Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, and their Families in 1993.  BRPC was pleased to have him remain in that interim role for six years, which is the longest run for a Youth Minister that BRPC has known. From here, Dennis moved on to spend a decade at Alexandria First Presbyterian Church in Milford, NJ.  During that time, he met and married his lovely wife, Emily, and together they were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Teresa.

In March of 2009, the Congregation of BRPC voted to call Reverend Dennis Jones as our Senior Pastor.  He preached his first sermon as our senior pastor on May 17, 2009.  Dennis is a devoted servant of Christ and brings many gifts to our congregation, including preaching sermons that are faithful to the scripture and relevant to the struggles of everyday life.  He is our Senior Pastor, Head of Staff, and moderator of Session. He assumes primary responsibility for leadership and planning for worship, as well as leading and inspiring the church staff and Session.  We are grateful to Dennis for these past 10 years of pastoral leadership and look forward to continuing our journey together to realize God’s plan in our church community.