Why We Need Your Financial Support in 2020

The 2020 campaign is in full swing!  We are so grateful to all who have submitted their 2020 pledge. Thank you, thank you!  For those of us who have yet to do so, please prayerfully consider your own financial requirements for the upcoming year and the realities of our 2020 budget needs, described below. 

The Basics

There are four major components of our BRPC financial requirements:

  • Programs:  This is the smallest of the four components.  It includes support of programs critical to our spiritual life including our children, family, adult education, music and worship ministries.  It requires less than 10% of our financial needs.
  • Personnel:  This is our largest expense.  We are blessed to be fully staffed this year, with many dedicated, faithful and talented women and men bringing God’s nurturing love to us all on our faith journey.  Our prayer is to provide a very modest increase in salaries for 2020.
  • Properties:  We are stewards of a fantastic, historic campus. Regular maintenance is required every year, and utilities, insurance, and other expenses continue to rise.  We estimate an approximate 2% increase for 2020.
  • Mission:  Mission remains a central tenant of BRPC and Mission is where we have the most leeway to increase or decrease funding.  We are called to serve those in need and we rejoice in all the opportunities to do so. Last year, we were able to fund an increase in Mission spending. Mindful of the needs of the Programs, Personnel and Properties components, we will need an increase in pledge income from 2019 to 2020 to provide for an increase in Mission funding. 

We prayerfully invite everyone, if called by God to do so, to please consider a modest increase in your pledge so that BRPC can continue to be a beacon of God’s love. 

Pledge cards are available in the Sanctuary and Westminster Hall.  You may also make a pledge by sending a confidential email to pledge@brpc.org, or on our website by clicking here.

— Chuck Miller on behalf of the BRPC Joint Budget Committee