The Mission Council is grateful for the ways we have been able to respond to the needs of many of our local partners during this crisis. We have been able to utilise our Mission Reserve Funds to offer $6,000 to organizations who are helping feed and house some of our most vulnerable neighbors during this time. In addition, at the Mission Council’s recommendation Session has established a COVID-19 RELIEF FUND which will be used to continue to support those in need in the northern NJ area. This fund will have the specific purpose of meeting the basic needs of housing, food, and medical costs of either individuals or organizations who serve in our area. Mission Council has designated $10,000 of our reserve monies to this fund and invites members of the congregation to contribute as they are able.

If you or someone you know in our area has been affected by this crisis and requires assistance with these basic needs please contact a pastor, Maureen Paterson or Dennis Jones. All requests will be treated confidentially.