Each year there is a “Per Capita” Apportionment to all Presbyterian Churches to support the administrative work of the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.  The Book of Order requires each Presbyterian Church to make this payment for each and every member on its Church Roll.  We believe, and take seriously, that it is our responsibility to support the work of the greater church.

In 2022, the Per Capita apportionment for BRPC is $30,480.00, which is equal to $40 per member. This amount will be paid through our 2022 operating budget. Based on past history we have budgeted $12,000 that we pray will be received from members to offset this cost.

If you are among the many members who faithfully support the financial needs of the church, we are very grateful that you consider this additional contribution. If you are among those who are not currently supporting the church financially, we especially ask that you remit your family Per Capita to defray this direct charge the church will pay on your behalf. This will allow BRPC to offer the programs for which we have already budgeted funds and which are important to us.

Payment may be sent to the church office, paid by Venmo or credit card through our website, or placed in the offering plate. Please mark your payment “Per Capita”. Thank you so much for your support!

The Session joins me in thanking you for your support of this campaign. God bless you.


Tina Bramel
Clerk of Session