Parish Associate Reverend Bruce Schundler’s 50 Years Ordination Celebration

During the worship service on Sunday, October 23, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bruce Schundler’s ordination. A reception will follow the service in Westminster Hall during our fellowship time. Read Bruce’s biographical statement below.

Sara and Rev. Bruce Schundler

After 53 years of marriage and 50 years as an ordained minister, Sara and I have had some wonderful experiences—during the six years I served in the full-time ministry (in New Canaan, Ct., Winnetka, Il., and Swarthmore, PA), and the twenty-seven years I worked as the CEO/President of a fairly large manufacturing company, and the many years I served as a Parish Associate both here in Basking Ridge and also at the Fairmount Presbyterian Church. And then we retired, and Sara and I worked six years as Park Rangers for the National Park Service, and for six years, we’ve worked as “tour guides” for Orbridge LLC (leading tours for college alumni groups going to various national parks). During all those years there have been some special memories… like many from when I was a full-time minister working with youth groups, families, and special interest groups, and many church committees—like the Trustees at the New Canaan church who initiated the process which led to my being the founding president of A Better Chance in New Canaan. And there are memories of serving on the boards of various non-profits, and being the president of two international trade associations, and serving as a Town Councilman in Peapack for seven years and on the Planning Board in Tewksbury for almost 20 years. Through the years and as a result of our travels, we’ve also met some amazing people and developed some great friendships.

During all those years, however, I think the most important memories we have are those of some fantastic times together as a family… camping out west during summer vacations, traveling frequently to different parts of the U.S. and Europe for business meetings followed by trips as a family, and sharing many days at our lake house in north Jersey.

Yes… more important than anything else, Sara and I cherish the memories we have as a family. And we’re just so proud of Becky and Brian, and of who they have become, and of the choices they have made with their careers and spouses, and as parents.