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  • Thanks to our Interfaith Hospitality Network Volunteers!

    by Gary Ingram

    Thank you to those who helped serve our guest and her beautiful 7 month old daughter. Volunteers included Carol & Richard Skidmore, Pam Meyers, Betty Mills, Maureen Paterson, Dolly & Steve Tharp, Betsy & Chuck Miller, Karen & Ken Skoglund, Julie & Stu Conway, Beth & Bill Adams, Betty Hahn, Tom & Jill Brown, Sally […]

    Advent Devotional Booklet for 2017

    by Maureen Paterson

    Once again this year, we have compiled a series of Advent devotions and reflections by our pastors, staff, and church members. We hope this will deepen your faith experience this Advent as we experience again the advent of Christ in our lives. Click to view or download as a pdf file

    Historical Focus for December—Looking Forward in Faith

    by Rev. Dennis Jones

    As this tricentennial year of celebration draws to a close, we pause to give heartfelt thanks to all those who so generously gave of their leadership, love, and creativity during this joyous year of remembrance and renewal. I especially want to express gratitude to Bill Emmitt, Kris Emmitt and George Fricke who served so faithfully […]

    Advent Sermon Series

    by Gary Ingram

    Join us in worship this month, and bring a friend, as we celebrate the sacred seasons of Advent and Christmas! Our sermon series will be entitled “Don’t Be Afraid.” In the midst of the fear and anxiety that is present in the world or in your own life, learn all over again to trust and […]

    We are Grateful for the Generosity of the Congregation!

    by Gary Ingram

    Stewardship 2018 Thank you to the 142 individuals and families who have made pledge commitments for 2018 totaling $588,739. In response to prayerful consideration of what God is calling them to do, many in our congregation have increased their pledges from last year. We are excited and encouraged by the 17 new pledges totaling $31,260 […]

    Session Highlights—November

    by Gary Ingram

    Upon recommendation from the Personnel Council, Session voted on a change in the hours and salary for the Church Administrator & Treasurer position, effective 1/1/18. Upon recommendation from the Personnel Council, Session approved a small increase in the number of hours worked each week for some of our Support Staff, effective 1/1/18. Session approved a […]

    The Giving Tree

    by Gary Ingram

    Once again we will have the opportunity to bless others during this Christmas season. The Giving Tree is up in Westminster Hall and has been filled with ornaments detailing a wish from one of our mission partners. This year there are gifts for God’s Co-op Pantry clients, Homeless Solutions, IHN and women of the Bo […]

    New Church Historian

    by Gary Ingram

    The Mantle has been passed! John Charles Smith is our new Church Historian having assumed the responsibilities of leading the Historic Records Committee from “honorably retired” George Fricke. John is no newcomer to this church – he is a member of the “50 years and MORE membership club”! John shares more than his passion for […]

    Lectionary Reflection: Light Shines in the Darkness

    by Maureen Paterson

    You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we skulk in the shadows, hiding in pain. You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we cower in the corner, fearful in shame. You, Lord shine in the darkness. Yet we dance with the devil, flirting with sin. You call us forth, your radiant beams of grace, piercing […]