Our theme for this year’s stewardship campaign is
“Trusting in God, Growing in Faith”

Your pledge has an impact on the active and faithful ministry at BRPC. Though the past year brought unexpected challenges into all of our lives, we are grateful that as a church community we have not grown weary in our mission to embody God’s love in our community and world.

We continued to put our trust in God, we held fast to our commitment to one another, and we grew in new ways to deepen our ministries and put our faith in action. We are grateful for your generosity in 2021 which made it all possible. We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge fo BRPC with a sense of gratitude, trust and growth for 2022 in our church. With God in our midst, let us join together, Trusting in God, and Growing in Faith in 2022.

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Video Messages – Reflections from BRPC Members and Mission Partners

Members of our church family share their experiences in the ministries of our church. We invite you to watch.

Video messages will be added every week up to and including Consecration Sunday on Nov. 21, so stay tuned! God’s love is hard at work in our church.

This Week’s Videos

After I Pledge, How Do I Give?

Thank you for Trusting in God by making a pledge in the 2022 Stewardship Campaign!

You can fulfill your pledge in variety of ways that work best for you in the months ahead.

  • Mailing a check to the BRPC Church Office at 1 E. Oak St., Basking Ridge NJ 07920
  • Dropping a check into the offering plate at an in-person worship service in the Sanctuary
  • Setting up a recurring electronic payment with your bank based on a schedule that works for you
  • Through the Venmo app – @BaskingRidgePresbyterianChurch (no added fees are charged to you or us)
  • Making your contribution online at brpc.org/donations/ (This can be a one-time or recurring charge)

If you have any questions feel free to call the church office at 908-766-1616 and speak with church treasurer. Thank you!

Your contribution will help support the growth of the life and ministry of Christ at Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church.

How does my Pledge support the Church?

Pledging support for the year ahead allows us to create a sound budget to support our ministries. Broadly speaking, the church’s financial needs include these areas:

This is the smallest of the four components. It includes support of programs critical to our spiritual life including our children, family, adult education, music and worship ministries.
Mission remains a central tenant at BRPC. We are called to serve those in need and we rejoice in opportunities to do so locally and around the world.
This is our largest expense. We are blessed with a staff of dedicated, faithful and talented women and men bringing God’s nurturing love to us all on our faith journey.
We are stewards of a fantastic, historic campus. Regular maintenance is required every year, and utilities, insurance, and other expenses continue to rise.
If I give regularly anyway, do I need to Pledge?

Making an annual pledge to support the ministry of our church allows us to plan and prepare for the year ahead more responsibly. It gives the elders a more accurate idea of the financial resources that we will have to pay staff, support mission partners, and fund programs. We also believe it is a valuable spiritual discipline and expression of commitment for the one making the pledge.

Is Planned Giving different from Stewardship Pledge?

Yes. Establishing a planned gift provides a way for your support and legacy to continue through our church’s ministry when you are no longer living. The formation of the Samuel Brown Society was inspired by the generous and forward-thinking gesture of Samuel Brown, one of our earliest church members. Please click here to find out more about the Samuel Brown Society and how you might make provisions to give a gift to BRPC though your will, life insurance, or other options.

Letter from Stewardship Council

November 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Though the past 18 months have brought unexpected challenges into all of our lives, we are grateful that as a church community we have boldly and faithfully run the race set before us by Christ. We have not grown weary in our mission to embody God’s love in our community and world. We put our trust in God and our faith into action. We held fast to our commitment to one another, strengthened our resolve to care for those in need, and grew in new ways to deepen our ministries. We are grateful that YOUR generosity and faithfulness made it all possible!

As we look forward to the year ahead, the theme for the 2022 Stewardship Campaign is “Trusting in God, Growing in Faith”. Psalm 46 reminds us that “We will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble with its tumult.” God reminds us that he is our rock and we will not be shaken. It is important that you know that your generous financial support has been crucial to our foundation, allowing BRPC to continue to be a beacon of hope and of God’s love during challenging times —

  • Your talents and voices have reached worshippers near and far through online worship services, as well as in our own beloved sanctuary.
  • Your love for neighbor has impacted local and worldwide missions in need of support and engagement during a pandemic, floods, fires, and hardships.
  • Your openness to honor the past yet embrace the future has allowed for enhanced audio visual technology in the sanctuary which will enrich both our in person and online worship services.
  • Your commitment to honor the vows we make each time a baby is baptized has allowed us to offer a vibrant ministry to children and youth — particularly through our middle school and high school work camps, and hybrid Vacation Bible School.
  • Your desire to make a joyful noise unto the Lord has energized and strengthened our music ministry.
  • And your dedication to creatively lead and participate in small groups has supported countless individuals to grow in faith and in friendship, and an experience of community.

In the year ahead, we look forward to new ways to engage with our mission partners, and are excited to reimagine our worship services and programs to reach an ever-broadening church community. We anticipate with joy the completion of the search for our next youth minister, and the fresh spiritual energy that may bring to our youth programming. There will be many blessings and perhaps challenges, but having your pledge as part of our collective promise will have a profound impact. In fact, we cannot accomplish all that lies ahead without you. Amidst the storms, floods, fires, and wilderness that we traverse, let us traverse these paths together as a community of God.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider your role as a steward of BRPC over the next several weeks. Our stewardship season culminates on Consecration Sunday, November 21. Please join us to experience this empowering opportunity as we together commit our gifts of time, talent and treasure in support of Christ’s ministry at our church. We invite you to offer your financial commitment either in the sanctuary, if you feel comfortable to do so, or during online worship. We encourage you to make your pledge in whichever way is most convenient and most meaningful for you.

  • In worship on Consecration Sunday, November 21 at 10 a.m.
  • Online at www.brpc.org
  • With a confidential email to pledge@brpc.org
  • Or by mailing your pledge card to the church office.

We encourage you to visit the church’s website to find out more about the impact BRPC is having in our community and world, and to discover how you can support it, and engage in our ministry in new ways.

We are profoundly grateful for your generosity, your trust in God, and the depth of your faith. With grateful hearts,

Ashley H. Bastow
Chair, Stewardship Council

Reverend Dennis W. Jones
Senior Pastor

BRPC 2022 Pledge Card

I understand that I can change the amount of this pledge at any time as circumstances warrant.

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.— Psalm 62: 6