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Food insecurities

Service challenge for the day:

  1. Go to a store and spend $10 or less to purchase food and cook dinner for your family
  2. Make cards or a sign for thanking Stop and Shop an Shop Rite Staff in town. Bring the card to store in person, or give to small group advisor at night.  Use any cards or paper you own – be as creative as you like! 
  3. Make blueberry muffins, snacks or desserts. Then, deliver them to Stop and Shop and ShopRite Stores – ask manager to put into staff room
  4. Call a neighbor and ask if there is a meal they would like made for them.  Make and drop it off (stay outside home).
  5. Begin to paint original designs on sides of Bird Boxes (will be sold at Crane’s Market – all profits will go to support God’s Coop Pantry)
    NOTE: If you decide not to paint the bird box sides, return the wood to Cathi’s car on Thursday. If you do paint the bird boxes, bring them on Thursday also.
    ALSO: Please return extra paints and paintbrushes (to use for middle school workcamp).
  6. Package 2 brown paper bags together (one inside the other) for God’s Coop Pantry – bring to Thursday night’s large group meeting – put into back of Rob Quincy’s car.
  7. Purchase food to give to God’s Coop Pantry: peanut butter, tuna fish, canned chicken, 28 oz. cans of tomatoes – bring to Thursday night’s large group meeting – put into back of KIM PAGANO’s car.
  8. Between now and Thursday morning, please purchase the following items. We would like you to make 10 sandwiches on Thursday (You’ll bring them Thursday night and put in the coolers in Cathi’s car – the sandwiches will be given out on Friday to those in need in NYC and Newark by an agency in Summit):

This should make enough for 10 sandwiches:

1 loaf of bread, 10 zip lock sandwich bags, 1 lb. of sliced turkey, 1 lb of sliced cheese (your choice) OR 1 Jar Peanut butter & 1 jar Jelly

Social Justice

  1. Pick up supplies of VBS items to distribute to families – meet Amanda Hughes at 12 pm at the small Church House Parking lot (off of N. Maple Ave). Collect supplies and then deliver them to homes to VBS participants. Amanda will have the supplies and addresses.
    • The following families said yes to delivering supplies:
    • Susie Ward, Rob Quincy, Karen Twill, Nancy Wynant, Mia Stuart, Joelle Strona, Michelle Horner, Kathy Keller, Eric Skoglund
    • If you can’t make it at 12 pm, let CATHI know.
  2. Write to Mainers and families we served last year – write a note or make a card to send.
    • For those youth who haven’t been to Maine, write to Ridge Oak Seniors.
    • Text Brooke (862) – 432-1763 for a name and address of folks in Maine. Let her know if you want to write to more than one person/family.
  3. Watch any of several Jane Elliot videos you find on Youtube (Civil Rights activist – former educator – started blue eyed challenge)
  4. Read letter from Ditty’s Grandfather written in 1968 (in packet given to you)

Faith and Advocacy

  1. Reach out to representatives on a topic that concerns you – read how in the the packet dropped off at your home – Brooke found this information for us.
  2. Plan to decorate your car for a drive by before tonight’s workcamp begins. Anyone interested will drive by Fellowship Village between 6:30 – 6:50 pm, honking the horn at residents who are outside. You can hold up signs or hang them on the sides of the car. Signs could have: short Bible verses, Happy messages like “We love you, Seniors”, and lots more. Have fun being creative! Send Gary a picture of your decorated car.
  3. Work on completing any service projects not already completed yet.

Envisioning a Better World

  1. Go to the grocery store to get supplies for making sandwiches.
    Make 10 (or more) sandwiches for those in need. Sandwiches will be brought to Bridges in Summit, who will bring into NYC for those experiencing homelessness.
    Bring to large group session at night – put into the cooler in Cathi’s van.
    Choose to make either kind of sandwich: Turkey and cheese OR peanut butter and jelly.
    Quantity: I lb. sliced turkey and 1 lb cheese fills about 1 loaf of bread.
    NOTE: You MUST wear gloves and a mask while making (gloves are in your bag).
  2. Using Sidewalk chalk, make signs of hope around your neighborhood. Take a picture and send it to Gary.
  3. Begin a pen pal relationship with a Ridge Oak or Fellowship Village Senior – give your complete name and home address so senior can respond to you after being assigned – put your note or card in an envelope (labeled to: PENPAL) and put in box in Cathi’s van. Use any paper or cards you own.
  4. Complete any unfinished service projects from the rest of the week.
  5. Graduating Seniors, Brooke and Jenna: meet at Karen Twill’s home for breakfast (arrive 9:30 am). Join zoom at 10 am and then head to Hicks Park near the Twill’s home for a short hike. Bring water, notebook, pen, and a towel to sit on to write vespers. Some benches are available also.