Come check out the new items added to the library in July & August!  From prayers around the world, to navigating cultural & religious differences, to youth sports, to our own Pastor Emeritus Bob Beringer, there is something for everyone!

Everyone Prays: Celebrating Faith Around the World, Lumbard, Alexis York

EVERYONE PRAYS offers young hearts and minds a chance to learn that, although people from other places and cultures may seem different, we all share the diverse world of faith and prayer. Religions across
the globe all share one important practice: Everyone prays!

Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain, Jules, Jacqueline

Inspired by the real-life actions of the Jewish poet Samuel Ha-Nagid, who was also a vizier, the story concerns conflict resolution between two boys, one Jewish and one Muslim. This book explores the challenges of friendship across cultures and social status, and touches on a surprising way to deal with name-calling.

Perception vs Reality in Youth Sports: Understanding the Real World of Kids and Sport Through the Experiences of Successful Athletes, Patterson, J A

PERCEPTION VS REALITY IN SPORTS addresses the distorted perceptions that float throughout the youth sports community. It incorporates anecdotes about the young atheletic lives of a large number of successful athletes.

Twice Blessed: The Special Life of Twins, Cheviot, Patrice

Life with a twin is so wonderful. Meet Christopher and Lisa, twins growing up together sharing a double portion of delightful adventures.

Anchors for Life, Beringer, Robert A.

From 1990 thru 2011, Bob Beringer served as summer pastor for an interdenominational chapel at Culver Lake in New Jersey. As part of his work, he took on the task of writing an inspirational column for a weekly publication for all lake residents. Included are many of his inspirational words that are sure to be relevant to all in the 21st century.

Sharing God’s Love Through Music, Stevens, Mary Lou (Dir), Langstaff, Linda (Bell Dir)

(video) 2014 Spring Oratorio.

Living the Lord’s Prayer,  Timms, David

As they examine each familiar phrase of the Lord’s Prayer, readers will uncover a profound framework for spiritual growth. In a reader-friendly, memorable style, David Timms points to Jesus’ teaching on community, love for the broken and isolated, holiness in an age of profanity, dealing with the evil within, resisting temptations, and much more. This critically acclaimed book will appeal to all who desire to go deeper into spiritual formation, helping them taste the life-giving water that only Jesus can provide. The new discussion guide makes it a great book for small groups as well as individuals.

End of Apologetics, The: Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context, Penner, Myron Bradley

This provocative text critiques modern apologetic efforts and offers a concept of faithful Christian witness that is characterized by love and grounded in God’s revelation. Penner seeks to reorient the discussion of Christian belief, change a well-entrenched vocabulary that no longer works, and contextualize the enterprise of apologetics for a postmodern generation.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg: Living Through the Lord’s Prayer, Work, Teleford

Karl Barth’s legendary image of preaching with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other now has a matching image for praying. In AIN”T TOO PROUD TO BEG, Telford Work encourages praying with a social documentary in one hand and the Lord’s Prayer in the other. The result is neither a commentary on the Lord’s Prayer nor a theology of prayer. Instead it is an exercise book that uses prayer to strengthen our theological muscles.

Work proposes that we take whatever is happening in our world — a political election or the latest war will do — and set the Lord’s Prayer in the middle of it. Let that prayer shed light on the scene and expose what matters. Then pray it. Then look again and see how the prayer is a response to what matters. These three movements give structure to the book as a whole and to each chapter within it. Prayed this way, the Lord’s Prayer is always new and never quite the same.

Bringing Bubbe Home: A Memoir of Letting Go Through Love and Death, Zaslow, Debra

Debra Zaslow was humming along on baby-boomer autopilot, immersed in her life as a professional storyteller, wife of a Rabbi, and mother of two teenagers when she felt compelled to bring her 103-year old grandmother, Bubbe, who was dying alone in a nursing facility, home to live and die with her family. Bringing Bubbe Home is the story of their time together in Bubbe’s last months, mingled with scenes from the past that reveal how her grandmother’s stories of abuse, tenacity, and survival have played out through the generations of women in the family. Debra watches her expectations of a perfect death dissolve in the midst of queen-size diapers, hormonal teenagers and volatile caregivers, while the two women sit soul-to-soul in the place between life and death. As she holds her grandmother’s gnarled hand and traces the lines of her face, Debra sees her own search for mothering reflected in her grandmother’s eyes. When Bubbe finally dies, something in Debra is born: the possibility to move into the future without the chains of the past.

Good Taste, Bad Taste, and Christian Taste: Aesthetics in Religious Life, Brown, Frank Burch

Christians frequently come into conflict with themselves and others over such matters as music, popular culture, and worship style. Yet they usually lack any theology of art or taste adequate to deal with aesthetic disputes. In this book, Frank Burch Brown offers a constructive, “ecumenical” approach to artistic taste and aesthetic judgment–a non-elitist but discriminating theological aesthetics that has “teeth but no fangs”.

While grounded in history and theory, this book takes up such practical questions as: How can one religious community accommodate a variety of artistic tastes? What good or harm can be done by importing music that is worldly in origin into a house of worship? How can the exercise of taste in the making of art be a viable (and sometimes advanced) spiritual discipline? In exploring the complex relation between taste, religious imagination, and faith, Brown offers a new perspective on what it means to be spiritual, religious, and indeed Christian.

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations: A Resource for Leaders, McClintock, Karen A.

In this comprehensive resource, Methodist pastor and pastoral psychologist Karen McClintock demonstrates that sexual abuse in congregations is preventable and gives clergy and lay leaders the tools they need to prevent it. This book shows congregations how to protect children and vulnerable adults, prevent sexual harassment either by clergy or of clergy, and strengthen clergy families by raising awareness of the occupational and emotional risks inherent in pastoral ministry.

Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian

(DVD video) WAGING PEACE: MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN ALTERNATIVES is a documentary that explores threads of peacemaking in both Muslim and Christian traditions through the years. It includes stories of how people in these faith groups are working to overcome mistrust, hatred and violence by working to understand each other.

Stories include…A peace camp for Christian, Jewish and Muslim children helps build bridges of understanding at an early age…Working together, Muslims and Christians make quilts for refugees and learn to know one another…A group of Muslim medical students establish a health clinic for their low income neighbors…Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams provide a peaceful presence in Iraq…Seminary students from many faith traditions study in an interfaith setting.