Our Pastor Emeritus, The Reverend Dr. J. Calvin Jackson, who lovingly served as the Senior Pastor of our church for 21 years, now has some of his sermons online, thanks to his son, Sean Jackson. Sean writes: “At the end of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus commands his disciples to fan out across the then-known world to spread God’s message. One way I thought of responding to this call was to make some of my father’s sermons accessible through the internet. With the help of a friend who converted sermon tapes (made all those years ago by Mike Berish and Dave Klippel) into a digital format, I was able to create a website featuring thirty of Dad’s sermons. The website address is RevCalJacksonSermons.com and the sermons can be listened to on your computer or downloaded to an iPod or the like to listen while you jog, workout, or wherever. I encourage you to visit the site and see if there is a sermon that you might particularly remember and appreciate. And I hope when you listen, if there is one that may speak to a friend in need, or a family member, or a co-worker, that you would share the website with them in hopes it might bring a meaningful message to that person. May the Peace of Christ be with you.” ~ Sean Jackson