The Church Library, located in the Church House building, is a beautiful, quiet and reflective space which offers a wide variety of books, DVDs, CDs and other reading materials. The materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal system, and can be located easily in the card catalog by title, author, or subject.  (A digital card-catalog is coming soon.)  If you are interested in a particular search, contact the librarian.

The library is self-service and  is open whenever the Church House is open (as long as the room is not being used for a meeting).  Our librarian, Angi Looby, is on site Monday mornings, and is available by email.

To check an item out, write your name and the date on the card in the back of the item, and leave the card in the box on top of the card catalog.  To return an item, simply place it in the box under the card catalog.

Donations of books to the BRPC Library should be left in the library with a note that identifies the donor so that the librarian can acknowledge the gift. While not all donations come to reside on our shelves, these treasures will find extended use through other sources. BRPC Library is also grateful for monetary donations which can be used to buy specific “wish for” titles or those requested by the donor. Please contact Janet Bentley for assistance with this type of donation. Donations can also be made in honor or in memory of a specific individual.

Additional Resources:

Traveling Library

Check out our Traveling Library, bundled collections of child-appropriate books on special themes like loss, divorce or bullying (to name a few). This is a great resource to help families deal with all of life’s situations: happy, sad, or challenging. If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Currie.

We now have 13 themes in the library. They are bundled in our new Traveling Library bags and will be used the same way you would any library book. You can sign a bag out for two weeks and bring it back when your are done.

Here is a list of existing topics:

  1. Adoption
  2. Allergies
  3. Birth of a new baby
  4. Death/Loss
  5. Divorce/Separation
  6. Families
  7. Illness/Going to the hospital
  8. Moving
  9. Death of a pet
  10. Individual differences
  11. Kindness/Empathy
  12. Learning disabilities/Anxiety
  13. Feelings/Emotions

We have many more subjects we would like to add to our library. If you would like to donate a book to the Traveling Library, attached is a list of books on our wish list or you can follow the link below to purchase straight from Amazon.

Click here to view the Traveling Library Wish List on Amazon