Stephen Ministers are carefully trained lay members of the congregation who provide completely confidential, one-on-one spiritual care and support to those who are looking for encouragement and guidance in a time of need.

  • Am I hurting?
  • Do I need to make a big decision?
  • Have I suffered a loss?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed?
  • Is life getting me down?
  • Do I have a lot of questions for God?
  • Do I ever feel like I just want someone to listen?
  • Are there too many changes?

If you answer yes to any of these questions a Stephen Minister may be able to help. Though Stephen Ministers are not counselors, therapists, problem solvers or casual visitors, they will visit with you weekly, listen, pray with and for you, and offer encouragement.  Stephen Ministers are caring, supportive Christian people who have been trained in how to provide distinctively one-on-one confidential care.  To inquire about meeting with a Stephen Minister, contact Maureen Paterson.

Comments from Care Receivers

“I didn’t know what to expect from my Stephen Minister, but he put me at ease. I knew I could trust him. He showed me how to work things out for myself and had the patience to let me do it.” “I wanted answers, and she asked questions. She knew how to see things in a new way, and her questions helped me find my own answers.”

Becoming a Stephen Minister
Consider attending the Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshop we are hosting April 7, 9 am to 1 pm. (More info)

Have you ever thought about becoming a Stephen Minister?

Start by asking yourself this . . . have you ever been through a difficult time in your life, or thought you needed someone to speak to in complete confidence, someone to remind you that God really loves you?  Have you ever tried to help someone get through the pain and uncertainty of illness, grief, loss of employment, loneliness, or divorce?

If the answer to either question is “yes,” you probably have all of the gifts you need to be a Stephen Minister.  God gives all of us gifts and He gives many of us the spiritual gifts of caring and compassion, love and mercy, patience and understanding.  And those are the only gifts you need, because Stephen Ministry training can teach you to use those gifts in service to others who are in need of spiritual care and support.  It equips us with the tools that we need to bring Christ’s love to those among us who are traveling through the valley of a life crisis.

Stephen Ministers receive constant encouragement, regular continuing education and frequent care and support to help them to perform this vital work in our congregation.

People who are called to become Stephen Ministers don’t need to be able to quote from scriptures, they don’t need to be able to lead others in prayer, and they certainly don’t need to have perfect lives.  In fact, most of the people that God calls to this ministry draw upon the tough times in their own lives, times when they felt that maybe God wasn’t listening or maybe that nobody cared about them, to help them connect with others who are suffering.

For more information about becoming a Stephen Minister or to request the assistance of a Stephen Minister, contact Dr. Maureen Paterson.