• The Trustees joyously announced to Session members that approximately $33,450.00 was collected for the 300th Birthday Special Offering Fund.  Trustees made a motion to Session requesting that $17,750.00 be allocated from this fund to hire a historic specialist to perform a condition assessment and historic preservation plan for our campus.  Session voted in favor of the motion.
  • Session approved a motion from the Youth and Young Adult Council to disperse $12,500 in scholarship to fund four deserving candidates who are pursuing careers in “helping” professions.
  • Session will be seeking recommendations from the Mission Council on how the balance of the 300th Birthday Fund may best be used toward some specific mission project.
  • Planning Council shared plans for Fall Kick-Off Sunday which will be held on September 10.
  • Upon recommendation from the Worship & Music Council, Session approved Communion dates and adjustments to the worship calendar during the 2017-2018 program year.
  • A full copy of the minutes are always available for review at the Church Office

~Tina Bramel, Clerk of Session

The Session of BRPC is in need of your assistance!

Would you be interested in serving as BRPC’s regular commissioner to Presbytery meetings?  Our church is entitled to have two commissioners present at each Presbytery meeting for the purposes of acting on the current issues of our denomination.  Any ordained elder is eligible to serve in this way.  Presbytery meetings take place about four times a year.  Please contact Tina Bramel or Dennis Jones if you would consider serving in this capacity.