Once again the Church House basement was filled with joy, love and laughter as we hosted another week of IHN. The highlight was the safe arrival on Tuesday of a brand new baby boy who returned to the program on Friday with his mother and sisters. Thanks to everyone who shared their time, energy and faith with our families: Will and Courtney Rijksen; Betty Mills; Evelyn Gruening; Marj Rich; Emma and Loren Alexis; Mike and Bobbi Rountree; Carol Skidmore; Betty Hahn; Ken and Karen Skoglund; George and Ronna Storm; Jill and Tom Brown; Emily, Dennis and Teresa Jones; Betsy Fryling; Suzanne Van Loon; Cindy, Max and Carly Holda; Ruth Bashe; Beth Donley; Laura and Chas Govan; Elaine Coulthart; Chuck Mil-ler; Rudy Hyzer and the Boy Scouts. Our guests were blessed by your service.

~Maureen Paterson