The Nominating Committee needs your help to identify the best candidates for important leadership positions at BRPC. A sense of God’s call to serve, coupled with a willingness to serve, is much more important than any particular set of skills or talents.

Please prayerfully consider those who play significant roles in the life and ministries of BRPC today, who bring experience from another church, who may have new and imaginative ideas for the future, and who will dedicate their energy to moving God’s work forward.

Since you know yourself much better than does anyone else, please feel free to submit your own name if you believe that you are called to serve.

All active members of the congregation are eligible for nomination at the May 2019 congregational meeting in the following positions:

Elders – constitute the Session, the ruling body of the church, and have full responsibility for policies, personnel and programs of the church. Elders also operate as chairs of the various Councils and Committees.

Deacons – carry out a ministry to care, communication and hospitality to the members.

Trustees – responsible for the corporate and financial operations, including the overall care and maintenance of the church properties.

Financial Review Committee – verifies the statistical and financial records of the church.

Nominating Committee – selects the candidates for election to the boards.

To make a suggestion, please complete the form below; it will be sent to the nominating committee.

2019 Nominating Committee: Rev. Dennis Jones (ex-officio), Ellen Johnson (Trustee), Dotty Dameo (Deacon), Sue Brewer, Peggy Eicher, Jim Felter, Herb Kimmich, Jean Wadsworth, and Don Grossmann (Elder, Chair).