• Craig Sutherland and Marty VandenHerik, Joint Budget Committee Co-Chairs, presented the 2019 Proposed Budget as finalized by the Joint Budget Committee. The Session approved a motion to accept the 2019 Budget as presented. The 2019 Budget will be received by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation (Part I) on January 27, 2019.
  • Karen Johnson, Chairperson of Personnel Council, presented the 2019 Terms of Call for the Pastors. She advised that Personnel Council is recommending that they receive a 3.5% increase. Session approved the terms of call and passed a motion to take these terms to the Congregational Meeting on January 27, 2019.
  • Jon Klippel updated Session on the collaboration effort with Keith Keiling which was established last fall. Keith has now formed a relationship with “The Rebecca Collection”, a shop in Bernardsville, to sell the items made from the wood of the Oak Tree.

A full copy of the minutes are always available for review at the Church Office.

~Tina Bramel, Clerk of Session