Several weeks during each year, BRPC becomes a home to several local families in need of housing. We provide shelter, fellowship and meals. There are lots of tasks that need doing to accomplish this hands-on ministry, but as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”

Here are descriptions of the tasks that you can sign up for to help support these families who need our help.

We prefer to have two hosts each for our dinner (especially), evening, and overnight responsibilities. This is not always possible and can be overlooked if a single host is comfortable with the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Maureen Paterson

As can happen in volunteering, If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please attempt to find a replacement for the slot and notify the church receptionist as to the change.

SERVE DINNER – Arrive at 5:15 pm. Guests arrive at 5:30 pm+/- and can participate as needed with dinner preparations; set-up and certainly cleanup/ wash dishes. After dinner hosts should place leftovers in disposable containers (provided) and put in refrigerator for following day. You should plan to provide main course, salad, vegetables, bread or potatoes, and a small dessert (cookies, brownies, etc.) Drinks, salad dressings and butter are provided. After everyone has eaten, please vacuum the dining area (or have guests do so) if need be.

EVENING HOSTS – Arrive at 7:00 pm and check in with Dinner hosts. Stay until Overnight hosts arrive by 9:00 pm. Activities could include helping with homework, reading, games, videos and fellowship. The level of activity varies with each different group of families. Mothers sometimes like to “chat” about their day, as do the children! Television/movies should be turned off by 10 pm.

OVERNIGHT HOSTS – Arrive at 9:00 pm. Check-in with Evening hosts. Make sure all guests have arrived and lock the outside door at top of the stairs (Finley Ave. entrance) around 10 pm (Also, Lock this door in the morning after guests have left) Arrange with guests as to what time they need to get up to be ready for the bus at 6:00 am. Sat and Sun morning it arrives at 8 am. Breakfast is not served, but check if Check coffee interest night before.

BED LINENS – Pick up these supplies at the Somerville Medical Center on Friday or early Sat. morning. Return linens to hospital Monday after guests have left; this is somewhat flexible according to your schedule. Directions and other details will be provided.

DRIVE TRUCK – for Bed delivery – Pick up Avis truck in Somerville before 12 noon on Saturday at end of guest week. Truck can be parked in Allen St lot overnight and on Sunday at 11:30 (or other prearranged time) pick up beds at side door of Church house. Beds then to be delivered to next church for which directions will be provided. Truck is then returned to Avis.

SHOPPING – Shop for items from a prepared and supplied list of general purpose needs. This should take place Friday or early Saturday of the week our IHN guests arrive.

SET-UP/CLEAN-UP – Assist in readyingspace/bedrooms on lower level of Church house. This would usually take place on the arrival Sunday following our services. Tasks to be accomplished would be semi-making beds, placing lamps in rooms, making sure food is put away, get high chairs out along with table cloths. Obviously the reverse is done for cleanup when the guests leave the following Sunday for another church.