Children and Family Ministries Committee –Lindsay Healy* (Chairperson), Betsy Carlo

Seeks to nurture the Christian education and spiritual development of children from infancy  through fifth grade, to nurture the spiritual development of families with children and to encourage congregational participation in activities that support our children and their families.

Church Officer Nominating Committee – Joan Eichhorn (Chairperson)

Prayerfully discerns whom God may be calling to serve in ministry as Elders, Deacons, Trustees,  and members of both the Financial Review Committee and Nominating Committee.

Fellowship Council – Sally Pickle, Julie Conway* (Co-Chairs)

Provides an atmosphere in which church members and others have the opportunity to develop  friendships, rapport and awareness for one another by planning, hosting and supporting church wide activities. In addition, we are piloting some new initiatives intended to increase participation and interaction through smaller group activities. We are the “party people” and SO  much more!

Gift and Memorials Committee – Jean Wadsworth* (Chairperson)

Receives gifts and memorial donations on behalf of the church and works with donors to  determine a purpose for their use that is meaningful to both the church and the giver.

Interpretation and Stewardship Council – David Fahey (Chairperson), Ashley Bastow

Guides the congregation toward responsible Christian stewardship of money, time and talents  and seeks to develop effective ways to encourage faithful giving.

Mission Council – Carol Skidmore (Chairperson)

Responsibilities include interpretation of mission programs to the congregation, coordination of  special offerings, overseeing the mission programs and making recommendations regarding the  expenditure of mission dollars.

Personnel Council – Mike Gallegly* (Chairperson), Nancy Bedner, Lee Horner

Develops and implements appropriate personnel policies, and reports on these activities to the  Session and congregation.

Planning Council – Dave Govan (Chairperson)

Assists the Session in prayerfully and strategically making long-range plans for the future.

Spiritual Development Council – Roger Greenway (Chairperson), Joan Eichhorn

Creates and supports the education programs that nurture the spiritual development of our adult  members. Programs aim to enhance Biblical literacy, support prayer, expand denominational  understanding and build community.

Welcoming Team – Josh Felter, Marilou Howe (Co-Chairs)

Promotes congregational growth and active involvement within the life of the church by  welcoming visitors and inviting them to join us for worship and other church-sponsored  activities including fellowship, service and educational events. Provides a lead role in New  Member classes, periodically reviews the church rolls and advertises worship services and other  church-related activities via newspaper and website publicity.

Worship and Music Council – Jeff Johnson (Chairperson)

Responsible for all worship and music programs of the church, and provides support to the  pastoral and music ministry staff members. Ensures the smooth operation of programs, in part,  through the ministry of the Sanctuary Guild, which maintains the equipment, furnishings and  supplies used for worship. Proposes enhancements and changes to the order of worship,  including new worship approaches and special services. Provides ushers for services; prepares  and cleans up after communion; coordinates flowers for the sanctuary; maintains the sound  system, provides recordings of worship services; and schedules communion servers and lay  worship participation.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Committee –Herb Ryder* (Chairperson), Teresa Jones,  Jon Klippel

Provides support, leadership and programs that will encourage active church involvement and  nurture the spiritual development of our youth and young adults. The Committee works in  partnership with the Youth Ministries Program in all aspects of Worship, Fellowship, Mission  and Spiritual Growth. Through the Confirmation program, our Summer Workcamp trip,  fellowship programs, Bible studies, food bank collections, social outings and Youth Sunday  service, our youth explore their faith and deepen their relationship with God within the guidance  and nurturance of their church family.

Tree House Board Representative – Kim Pagano

*Not currently serving on Session

Updated: 5/2022