The mystery writer Agatha Christie recognized the need to develop an end to her most famous detective, Hercule Poirot, after publishing over 40 books and stories with this fictional character. Christie felt an obligation to readers to conclude the fictional life of Poirot in a meaningful way for them and perhaps for her as well. The book she wrote was simply titled “Curtain.”

Similarly, with the start of our summer worship schedule over Father’s Day Weekend, and the launch of a new worship schedule the weekend of September 22, our church family is ending the tradition of a weekly worship service in the Chapel and we are obliged to conclude in ways that recognize the Chapel’s role in enriching our faith, developing Christian friendships, and preparing us for a new worship schedule. Plans are developing to draw the curtain on the Chapel service with music, memories and fellowship. Consider this an invitation to attend one or all of the remaining 9:00 AM worship services in the Chapel, to acknowledge the gift those experiences have been and to prayerfully prepare for all that is to come. We intend to create a few final memories and hope you will be part of the concluding moments. Those who would like to share a personal memory of a sacred or meaningful experience in that setting, and do so during one of the remaining worship services in the Chapel, are invited to contact Rudy Hyzer at 908-432-9861 or