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    Basking Ridge Oak Tree Update

    by Bill Emmitt

    It’s hard to believe, but this April will mark four years since our Historic White Oak had to be taken down. Since then, we have been working to utilize wood from the tree in many projects. We trust this note will bring you all up to date on “everything Oak Tree.” Pollaro Tables As you […]

    Oak Tree Update — Forged In Wood

    by Bill Emmitt

    November 27, 2018 Oak Tree Update Following our note to the congregation in October, Keith Keiling and David Schneck have formed “Forged in Wood” to implement the program of creating useful and decorative items from our Historic White Oak Tree. Work is already underway to process the wood; “Forged in Wood” is excited to announce […]

    Oak Tree Update — December 2017

    by Bill Emmitt

    In response to many inquiries as to the current state of the wood harvested from our Oak Tree, we thought it appropriate to provide you with this update. The primary activity over the past several months has taken place at the Pollaro Furniture facility in Hillside. As noted in previous updates, Frank Pollaro has played […]

    From the Trustees: Preparing for the Future – A Historic Preservation Plan

    by Bill Emmitt

    Our September History Highlight centers on the continuous need for our leaders to envision and prepare the way for the many generations to come.  It is timely then that Session has recently approved the Trustees recommendation to engage the firm of Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects to create a plan detailing how best to care […]

    Oak Tree Update

    by Bill Emmitt

    In our November 6th Celebration Service of the life of our Historic White Oak Tree, we outlined several areas that our Task Force would be dealing with as we prepare for the removal of our special tree and plan for memorials to ensure its place in our future. Although much of our activity has been […]