The Board of Session is the main governing body of the church. Together with the pastors, the Session has responsibility for the life of the church. Session holds regular monthly meetings and acts like a legislative body.

Members of Session, called elders, are ordained and participate in the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism. In addition, elders are members of the various committees and councils which oversee the particular ministries of the church. Elders may also represent our congregation at Presbytery meetings.  (The hierarchical level above local churches is called “Presbytery.” They are generally organized geographically.)

Current members of Session

2021 2020 2019 
Dan Bliss Jon Klippel Allison Fahey 
John Mauro David Lange Don Grossmann 
Chuck Miller Andy Nowack Gail Iglesias 
Joy Schmitt Marty vandenHerik Brigid McGuire (y) 
John Weagley Peter Ward Michelle Ortega 
Carol Skidmore 
Maggie Wald